Thursday, June 14, 2012

Heeby Jeeby

So, you would be right in assuming I would like to make some money. but first I would love to have an audience. Well I guess I need that last one to achieve the first one. As you (who are you?) can see I've attempted blogging a few times. I wish I could get rid of them as the reminder of my carefree life before is a bit hard to bear. I called myself schtickless as, you see, I had no schtick! But now, yeah, boy do I have some schtick. My partner really wanted me to have something to write about so he kindly went and had quite a largish stroke for me! Wow, am I sounding bitter and twisted or what! Maybe just a tad unhinged. But that's understandable I'm sure you'll agree. So yes, there are reasons I would like some money. We will need it. But I'm finding, first and foremost, that writing about this will help me. I'm already feeling better. Forget the money, maybe it will find us in other ways. If you are reading this, please stay tuned. I will be telling stories and I hope they will entertain, maybe help? Inspire? Make you laugh? Make your life seem less shit? Who knows....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's a start.

How many women (and I bet it's all women) have started a blog tonight after The Project said we could become millionaires? I'd love to know. I'd really love to know. Anyway, I started to get all motivated and excited then Freedman went and threw a wet flannel with a whiff of fungus about it with her "If you go into blogging thinking you'll make money you're wrong." line. It not only made me go "Aw maaan!" inwardly but it also annoyed me because there was definite gloating there and I'm sure there was a smarmy little voice inside her head going "unless you're me the mama of all Mia's of course! Mwahaha!" I don't believe for one second that Mia started blogging just for the hell of it. She had every intention of it becoming the spinner of moneys that it must surely be. Anyway, you know what? Good on her. Good. On. Her. Truly. Mamamia is not my (very) particular cup of tea but I do read it quite a lot. And there are no sour grapes here. Not at all. Ok maybe one little sultana. No, really I'm joking. I'm just tired. So very tired. so...bye! Will be back to throw around some ideas on how to get this blog happening and out there. Waaay too tired to think now so will just go and verse some random 10 year old on Fruit Ninja. Xox