Saturday, September 15, 2012

Things that are in the pipeline...

I am an incredibly frustrated person.

I have had such grand ideas which have never reached fruition. Sometimes it's just too much for me to bear...

Yet even though I am now technically middle aged (FARRRK) I am still that girl with the big dreams. The one who thinks she is going to do something amazing with her life.

You name it, I've had the intricately detailed fantasy. Fashion Designer, Actress, Singer/songwriter, Poet, Director, Screenwriter, Novelist...

I cringe when I think of all those conversations about all the thing I was GOING to do. In my twenties, my friends or whoever's ear I was bashing at the time would sometimes be as convinced as I was that they were talking to the next big thing. I was so passionate. I would believe my hype but it would never, EVER last beyond a day. Seriously. I would be lucky to get so far as to bullet point a game plan.

It's a little bit ridiculous but that girl is still here. I can feel her. I definitely don't talk about my grand plans as much but they are still there. Ok, I've narrowed it to writer at least.

The thing is, I'm such a bloody perfectionist. I should say that's one thing that holds me back. The others are those ol' chestnuts, sheer laziness and fear.

I really want this to be IT thought, really, truly. This blog is just the start.

When I say IT, I don't really mean success. How many blogs are there out there anyway? No, the grand plan doesn't mean a popular blog...although it would be ACE. What I mean by 'IT' is, I guess, not giving up.

Let's see this thing's the only way magic can happen...

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